Personal Robotics will be to robots what Linux has been to personal computers.

Per Salkowitsch, the creator of lIllI.

BOB-808 Prototyping platform

BOB-808 is a classic biped robot based on the OTTO DIY design and all of it's spin-offs. However, BOB-808 is equipped with a Raspberry Pi Zero, providing a mount for the camera in addition to the distance sensors. BOB-808's head is easy to open with a hinge system, making the cables and batteries accessible for flexible prototyping.

BOB-808 has 6 degrees of freedom, using standard MG90 servo motors. 

BOB-808 is the perfect introduction to robotics for both children and adults willing to learn and experiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that we are asked quite frequently:

  • What does it do?

BOB-808 is a prototyping framework for your robotics project. You decide what it will do. BOB-808 has enough room in it's head for batteries, sensors and controllers. It is designed to fit the form factor of the Raspberry Pi Zero, however, you could use any microcontroller you'd like. 

  • But, can it walk?

BOB-808 has been designed with bipedal walk in mind. With it's 6 DOF legs, it is a great tool for studying simple walking techniques. 

  • who designed this?

BOB-808 is designed by Personal Robotics, however the design is heavily inspired by the OTTO DIY project ( 

  • But where is the software?

At the moment there is no software for you to download. We are working with companies and universities to find solutions to common problems, but in the mean time you have to do most of it yourself. 

  • This is so awesome! How can I participate? 

Build it and share what you've built. Write a blog/instructable/youtube video/whatever and send us the link.


  • Which license is BOB-808 under?

lIllI is under the Creative Commons License v. 4.0, which lets you redesign and change the design as you like. You must however release your work under the same or an updated Creative Commons License, mentioning the work you based it on. 


Have fun learning!