lIllI will be to robots what Linux has been to personal computers.

Per Salkowitsch, the creator of lIllI.

lIllI the Robot

What is lIllI (pronounced: Lilli)

lIllI is an open source, fully movable and freely programmable robot framework. She can be controlled with any micro controller capable of outputting the I2C protocol, or with the capability of addressing 25 PWM regulated servo motors. Wether you prefer your computer, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any of the countless mini computers on the market, your robot is your personal way of learning and developing on your platform.


lIllI is 75 cm tall (25 1/2 inches) and has 25 degrees of freedom.



We love the environment. However, this is not the only reason why we choose wood as a construction material. Wood is tough and durable. It can easily be cut or drilled, and if needed, it can be glued with regular wood glue. 
We use high precision laser cutting to shape the wooden parts needed to build the robot. The wood we use is 4mm beech plywood, which is extremely tough. 

The parts are still connected when you get them, so you don't get confused when assembling. 

We love open source! In fact, a lot of lIllI is based on open source projects and we continue sharing the design under the GPL license. 

We use open source software both for development and for our robot control, and we hope you do the same. 

Furthermore, we would encourage anyone who builds robots to share their results and notify us about it. If it is really cool, it could be featured on our blog.

Your development could also be integrated in the next generation of robots. 

lIllI at the Maker Faire Vienna 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that we are asked quite frequently:

  • What does it do?

It does nothing until you program it. It is an open framework where you have to come up with a control system, be it Arduino, Raspberry Pi or something completely different.

However, lIllI's physique is modelled after the human anatomy, so she should be able to move like us if programmed correctly.

  • But, can it walk?

Theoretically, yes. If servo motors strong enough to carry the weight of lIllI's body are used, a certain degree of upright locomotion should be possible. However, this has still to be developed.

  • who designed this?

lIllI is a continuation of several open source projects, and it continues to be open source. That way development of the robot will continue with the help of the open source community.

  • But where is the software?

At the moment there is no software for you to download. We are working with companies and universities to find solutions to common problems, but in the mean time you have to do most of it yourself. 

  • This is so awesome! How can I participate? 

Build it and share what you've built. Write a blog/instructable/youtube video/whatever and send us the link.

  •  Why does my robot not have some of the features on the fotos?

The fotos show some of our prototypes. We have experimented with various cameras and sensors. However, we want you to decide yourself how your robot will see the world around it. Use a jigsaw or a drill to make a hole for your device.

  • Which controller can I use to control so many servos?

You can use an Arduino Mega, which would need some bread boarding, or you can use two of Adafruit's PCA 9685 servo controllers. However there are other controller boards and chips out there, so there are many ways to solve this.


  • Which license is lIllI under?

lIllI is under the Creative Commons License v. 4.0, which lets you redesign and change the design as you like. You must however release your work under the same or an updated Creative Commons License, mentioning the work you based it on. 


Have fun learning!