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Full Robot Kit lIllI



Full Robot kit:

  • Complete Skeleton
  • Hand grippers
  • Screws, nuts and washers
  • 21x High Torque, Full Size Metal Gear Servos 
  • 4 Mini Metal Gear Servo Motors
  • 20x Servo Extension Cable (50cm)


Classroom Robot Kit:

3x Full Kit



619,00 €

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...or download the files

The files are in the dxf format. 

Personal Robotics lilli Download V.1.0
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 182.6 KB

If you don't have any software to open the dxf format, you can download and use these programs for free:



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lIllI Skeleton Kit

Kit includes complete wood skeleton with grippers, screws, nuts and washers.

Skeleton Kit

249,00 €

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motor kit

kit includes:

  • 21 standard size high torque servos with metal gears
  • 4 mini servos with metal gears
  • 10 Servo extension cables 

449,00 €

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