Personal Robotics will be to robots what Linux has been to personal computers.

Per Salkowitsch, the creator of lIllI.

Personal Robotics has set out to provide robotic kits for you to experiment with. Not solutions, not toys, but something for you to work with and get your project going. Whether you are a programmer, tinkerer or have a fiendish plan to take over the world with your robot minions, our kits should give you a solid framework to prototype on. 


Meet the robots!




We love open source! In fact, a lot of lIllI is based on open source projects and we continue sharing the design under the GPL license. 

We use open source software both for development and for our robot control, and we hope you do the same. 

Furthermore, we would encourage anyone who builds robots to share their results and notify us about it. If it is really cool, it could be featured on our blog.

Your development could also be integrated in the next generation of robots. 

lIllI at the Maker Faire Vienna 2018