Welcome to Personal Robotics!


Great advances have been made in the fields of robotics, machine learning, image recognition and artificial intelligence. Yet, so far this has not led to the appearance of the humanoid robots on the main market that we were promised by the science fiction visionaries of the past.

Currently, artificial intelligence is used for image recognition and for chat bots servicing customers of online shopping portals, while robotics is mainly used for animating devices previously controlled by people, like driverless vehicles and production robots.


Because we think that robots are really cool, and the time has come for science fiction to become real, we set out to incorporate all the amazing progress that has been made into a humanoid robot.


We believe that there is a need for a cheap and simple robot that can be used by anyone who wants to learn, regardless of income or educational degree.


We are therefore developing robot frameworks that are open source and easily adjustable to your needs. The robots are made to be very affordable, not costing more than an average smart phone, using standard parts from the hobby store. 





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